How to Create the Count Down Animation

      1. Pick a Paint Brush Size
      2. Pick a Color
      3. Pick the Paint Brush
      4. Draw the Number 1
      5. Insert a Blank KeyFrame in Frame 10
      6. Pick a Color
      7. Pick the Paint Brush
      8. Draw the Number 2
      9. Insert a Blank KeyFrame in Frame 20
      10. Pick a Color
      11. Pick the Paint Brush
      12. Draw the Number 3
      13. Keep doing this till you have number 4 and 5
      14. Now go back to the Keyframe 1 and look at the Properties on the bottom and Change the Tween to Shape
      15. Do this for each Keyframe
      16. You should see 4 solid arrows in between each key frame (If not try again)

    If that's what you see - Go to control and click on test Movie.